How Do You Feel When You’re Trapped And Restricted? Sit with it for a moment…

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This is what we often do to our truest nature, our essence, the most truthful part of us…

We distract and we busy ourselves, then wonder why we’re disconnected from inspiration, from joy, from fulfilment.

But with compassion we remind ourselves that this is way of living and being is ingrained from a set of values that go against who we truly are.

So now begs the question, how do you feel when you’re relaxed and free? Sit with it for a moment…

This is what we came here for. To express the beauty, power and uniqueness of ourselves.

When we create safety within, allow ourselves to relax and rejuvenate, we create spaciousness for full, satisfactory expression to come through 🤍

So will you dare to choose differently, to rest more often than you do despite the conditioned voices saying “worthless, useless, everything’s going to crumble if you stop?” and experience the support, the abundance, the magnificence of what comes when you offer your system a break.

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