Within The Emptiness Lies Everything

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Limitation is a making of the mind, a constructed illusion so believable we go days, months, years forgetting who we truly are 🫨

Regularly moving into the world of your heart and familiarising yourself with the emptiness that exists in inner silence, is the key to strengthening your connection to your authentic self and reducing periods of forgetfulness 🫂

Moving from your head to your heart is a rewarding daily practice connecting you to your innate liberation 🧠🫀

Within the emptiness lies everything. In the infinite spaciousness and quietude the truth of your creative voice, your Spirit’s voice and wisest self speak 🗣 It’s the place from which you connect most deeply to life because you’re right in front of it, barricade free.

This is no place to fear nor avoid, this is where you are encouraged to go, your potential exists here, your boldest life exists here, your truest nature exists here. And when you visit this sacred scape frequently, you’ll find yourself at home, reluctant to depart 🏠

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